White Wine Energy and Utilities

CEITM assisted a local winery with utility engineering services designed to accommodate their planned capacity increase for their amazing chardonnay production process. The required analysis included an energy evaluation of the processing facility heat loads to verify heater system capabilities and a fermentation cooling load analysis for chiller sizing and procurement. The process review included the following: grape receiving and transfer to holding tanks, subsequent temperature control prior to transfers for “pressing” followed by inoculation for fermentation (barrel fermentation), lees removal, cold stabilization and barrel aging, lees removal, filtration, storage, bottling and warehousing. CEITM was able to analyze the process from start to finish and use our team of highly experienced engineers to suggest possible improvements and innovations to the planned capacity increase.

CEITM collaborated with both the installation contractors and architectural firms involved in the project to ensure the best possible design for the client. CEITM collaborated with the client and the design team to review and analyze equipment and piping layout drawings to best optimize the process design and pipe routing. In addition, CEITM specified the ventilation and exhaust fan requirements for each process zone in order to efficiently remove CO2 gases from the space in a clean and sanitary manner. This successful project allowed the client to significantly increase their white wine production, and smoothly continue to grow both their revenue and number of satisfied customers.

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